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news about coronavirus

news about coronavirus, this post describes what Sachin Pilot has given his opinion about what should happen in Lockdown, what should not happen. news about coronavirus,

(1) Sachin Pilot said – phase wise can remove lockdown
(2) Taking the opinion of the state government and experts
  Should open

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Amid the ongoing fight against Corona, the central and state governments are taking appropriate steps. The country lockdown time to deal with Corona is until May 3, but whether the lockdown will proces not is not sure yet. Meanwhile, Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has give suggestion to remov the lockdown.

In the ‘This fight is not easy’ session of e-Agenda Aaj Tak, Sachin Pilot said that lockdown phase wise can be remov after May 3. It should not happen that the lockdown opens and the situation worsens. The lockdown should be open with the opinion of the state government and expert.

He said that the economy is being affect the lockdown. We cannot live like this for long or else poverty will start increasing. He said that we have managed the lockdown in the state quite correctly.

Sachin Pilot said that activities should be increased where there is green color. We also have to pay attention to the economy. I personal believe Green Kalar should not be kep , but lockdown should be implement in Red Kalar.


On the decision to open shop in residential area, Pilot said that we implement the decision of the Center and follow their advice, but the circumstance different for every state and distric. We lockdown with improvements. Arrangement will have to be made for those who do not have a home. The central government will have to devise a strategy for this.

news about coronavirus,

(Super curfew imposed in Bhilwara: Pilot)

On the Bhilwara model, Sachin Pilot said that every state has different problems. We had impos super curfew in Bhilwara, but it took time to apply it in the city. There are 38 to 40 curfew places in the state. The number of patients is increasing in the whole country. The whole world is struggling with this. In the coming time we will overcome the corona.

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