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coronavirus tips,What is happening in the country at this time to avoi the corona virus, what is being done, at which place lockdown has been issue, which place is exempt lockdown,coronavirus tips,

Continuous is bein in red and orange color’

Corona Number of Patients 27,892: Ministry of Health

Work is going on fast under MNREGA: Home Ministry

The country currently has a 40-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus and it ends on 3 May.  In a joint press conference with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Health Ministry said on Monday that, no cases have been reported in the last 28 days in 16 districts, but there are 3 districts where no corona cases have been reported.  At the same time, the Ministry of Home Affair sai that 80 percent of the mandis of the country will be start lockdown.

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The Health Ministry said that no cases have been report in the last 16 days in 16 districts.  But in 14 days, no new corona cases have been revealed in 85 districts.  There are also 3 districts where no case has come to light.

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said that the recovery rate of patients regarding corona is increasing.  Right now the recovery rate is 22.71 percent.  The Health Ministry said that the number of corona patients has increased to 27,892.  So far, there are 20,835 active cases of corona in the country while 6,184 people have been cured of corona.  In the last 24 hours, more than one thousan of corona (1,396 cases) were reveal.  While 381 patients have also recovered during this period,


coronavirus tips,

The Health Ministry also sai vigilance is being done continuously in red and orange color.  A new Corona case has come out after 28 days from each district of UP-Punjab.

Some activities allowed: Ministry of Home Affairs

Home Ministry spokeswoman Punya Salila Srivastava said that some activities have been allow the lockdown.  Some areas are exempte  Operation of 80 percent of the mandis of the country will be start.  But 60 percent food processing has start.  Procurement has been made easier farmers.

coronavirus tips,

The Home Ministry also said that the Central team has suggested to increase the testing.  While doing PC with the Health Ministry, the Home Ministry saithat work under MNREGA is going fast.  2 crore laborers are working.  Work on brick-kilns has been start rural areas.

Avoid spreading rumors: Luv Aggarwal

Health Ministry’s Join Secretary Love Aggarwal sai that we need to understand there is no risk of spreading the disease to the patient who are cur.  In fact, they may become a potential source of treatment for antibodies using plasma therapy.

He said that we should avoid spreading misinformation and rumors.  No community or area should be fix for the spread of corona.  In particular, health workers and scavengers or police should not be targeted because they are there to help you.

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